22 April 2011

M's Easter Ties

For Easter last year, I waited almost until Easter to buy M a simple, cotton tie from one of the children's clothing places. The bonus was that it was on sale for about $5.00. I intended to do the same thing again this year, but the tie I wanted sold out before I had a chance to purchase it. So, after searching the internet, I found this easy, free, Little Man Tie pattern from Very Homemade (click "Read more" for a few things I did to save myself time and make this easy tie even easier). I was able to get enough material and velcro to make M three ties for a little over $6.00 because I happened upon a $.99 fat quarter sale! Here are two of the ties I made for him to choose from for Easter morning. I will post pictures of the third one (it's for a wedding we are going to) at another time.

18 April 2011

M's Naptime Blanket

 M, my son who will be 2 in June, has been using a receiving blanket for his naptime blankie at school. I decided it was time to make him a "big boy" blankie to use.  

15 April 2011

Relay for Life Team - Rowdy Relayers - Fundraiser Necklaces

In the last couple of months, I have had the opportunity to design a collection of necklaces for the Relay for Life team I am a member of. My aunt's company, 4Sisters is making the necklaces. Above is an image of all the designs and colors we are selling.