08 December 2012

Modern Zoo Animals Quilt

When a friend asked me to make this quilt for her to give as a shower present, I was excited for this opportunity. She wanted something modern with an animal print and minky backing. This was the final result after a couple of sketches and fabric choices.

02 March 2012

FOR SALE: Custom Felt Crayon Rolls

I am excited about the latest creation from Studio13Eleven; Custom Felt Crayon Rolls. I have added 19 color schemes to my Etsy store and will be adding 11 more over the next couple of days. Click here to view color schemes and order soon for Easter delivery.

21 February 2012

ETSY Store is now OPEN

I am pleased to announce that my Etsy store is officially OPEN! Please visit it here. I only have two items right now, but will be adding more soon.

13 February 2012

"Hoppy" Valentine's Day!

This year, I decided to skip the traditional paper Valentines and candy for M's class of 18-month to 3-year old toddlers and give them these fun frog water squirters. Hope all of you have a "Hoppy" Valentine's Day too.

13 January 2012

J's First Birthday Party

It's hard to believe that my niece, J, is a year old! I had a great time making the invitations, cupcake toppers, decorations, and her very own birthday shirt. 

17 November 2011

Caleb's Quilt

When Baby Caleb arrives in January, his mom will be able to wrap him in this rockin' quilt. His mother's friend, Jennifer, contacted me to design a quilt as a shower present. We looked through several fabrics until we found this great guitar fabric. Thank you, Jennifer, for letting me design this quilt for Caleb.

24 September 2011

WISH LIST: Fabrics

When looking for fabric for a project I am working on, I found these great fabrics. Hope you enjoy them.

Bike ride anyone?

B is for Bird

I am excited to be posting this fabric design entry because it is my first design using Adobe Illustrator. This entry is for another of Spoonflower.com's weekly fabric design competitions. The theme for this week's competition is "Birds" and to challenge the designers, the color palette was limited to 4 colors; three selected by Spoonflower and one chosen by the designer. I chose a lovely shade of purple to complement the colors chosen by Spoonflower. 

13 August 2011

UPDATED: Ride the "Sweet Waves"

Connecting Threads is having a quilting fabric design competition and the prize is HUGE. It's a chance to design your own collection to be offered in their catalog for next year, $2000.00, and royalties from the sales! There were no themes and you could use as many as 15 colors in your design. Above is my focal fabric entry, "Sweet Waves", for Phase 1. It was inspired by a graphic design I did for an art class in college. I chose the shades of teal, purple, and green because the were calming and serene.

The results are in and you can view the top 5 designs here. Thank you to everyone who voted! However, I didn't make the top 5, so I will be adding this and some coordinating fabrics to my design library on Spoonflower.com. 

05 August 2011

UPDATED: Sharks to the Left, Sharks to the Right

I can't believe how fast the summer has flown by. I have been very busy on several projects and one of them has been attempting fabric design. I entered my first design in Spoonflower's weekly contest. The theme is "Sharks". I was inspired by a book my son likes to read about whale sharks. I just love their beautiful spots and stripes.

The results are in and...I didn't even place in the top 10. However, I had a great time trying fabric design and will continue to improve my design skills in this area. To see the winner and the top 10 fabrics, click here. Congratulations everyone and great designs!