13 August 2011

UPDATED: Ride the "Sweet Waves"

Connecting Threads is having a quilting fabric design competition and the prize is HUGE. It's a chance to design your own collection to be offered in their catalog for next year, $2000.00, and royalties from the sales! There were no themes and you could use as many as 15 colors in your design. Above is my focal fabric entry, "Sweet Waves", for Phase 1. It was inspired by a graphic design I did for an art class in college. I chose the shades of teal, purple, and green because the were calming and serene.

The results are in and you can view the top 5 designs here. Thank you to everyone who voted! However, I didn't make the top 5, so I will be adding this and some coordinating fabrics to my design library on Spoonflower.com. 

1 comment:

  1. We absolutely love this design Kim. Great colors and patterns.